Thursday, May 24, 2007


I now have a soundcard and a microphone. I started recording myself playing and humming and la-la-la-ing.

Unfortunately I seem to simultaneously have every pop song ever written in my head.

My natural approach to this problem is to force originality, I expected to start with a serial composition with a varying time signature following the digits of pi. But then I thought about what I would like to listen to, and it all had some element of simplicity and repetition. I guess familiarity isn't too bad either, so I shouldn't worry.

When I play my gig. Will be mostly me with a guitar and a laptop. I think tempo and dynamics on the macro level is critical, but it's hard for me to think about now. Per song it's easier to imagine. Crescendo is an old trick in the book. I imagine one song taking this form... at the apex I would expect to be in some sort of controlled fit. I would like to smash up an MacBook live on stage. As the noise fades, I would like the crowd to start hurling vulgar insults at me, again in crescendo of both volume and obscurity.

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