Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving 

I came here for two weeks and ended up staying for eight.

I resented the idea of staying for so long. Even though it has been mostly 30C and sunny.

I made a presentation in our user conference in Las Vegas.
It wasn't great, but was something new and challenging and I sort of fell into the auto-pilot mode I always suspected I had, but hadn't tested before.

Last Friday we had a pre-thanksgiving in the office. Most people brought in a dish to share for lunch. I walked into work at 8am it smelt like Christmas morning. On the desk next to me was a mobile oven. All morning the guy next to me switched between typing on his computer and opening the lid and basting the turkey.

That weekend I:
Went for a five mile run
Saw a rattlesnake (nearly ran over it)
Went mountain biking
Danced with beautiful women
Attended a birthday party for a six year old
Raced same six year old on a scooter
Attended a house warming party
Watched some of Mary Poppins in French
Bought a beach towel
Lay on the beach and read a book
Watched the sun set (at 5pm)
Went to two rooftop bars (one on the 22nd floor)
Discussed poetry, classical music and the meaning of freedom in the modern world (while sober)
Watched, on TV, the Charges (San Diego NFL team) implement yet another comeback from behind.

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