Sunday, September 24, 2006

one week to go 

It has now been 5 months since I put on a pair of cheap trainers and swimming shorts and attempted to jog from Albany Road to Roath Park, stopping and gasping for breath before walking back to the house.

Now I struggle to imagine what it feels like to struggle for breath, although I know all too well what it feels like to be sore and tired.

Thinking back over my training I remember running the routes past the Vardre rugby ground and over the Town Moor in Newcastle a million times. In addition to Cardiff, Swansea and Newcastle; I can rightfully claim to have trained in Auckland, Wellington, Amsterdam, Oslo and Helsinki.

The fitness has bought with it a small shift in personality. People have commented that I'm more tolerant, but I worry that though my thoughts are cleaner, they are far less interesting. I don't seem to have so many naff ideas.

One week to go until the Great North Run. I've got my welsh running vest, and will get some iron on letters so I can display my name. I've done my 'long' run a week ago (10.5 miles) a bit short of what was intended, but I fell out of the training plan over the last two months. I think, if I'd been able to stick to it I would have tried for a time under 2 hours, but with things as they stand I will just take it easy and make sure I get around.

Other than a couple of short runs this week there's nothing else to do, although I should probably think up what to say if I'm interviewed by the TV cameras during the run. Could claim that I didn't know it was an organised race, I just started running because I heard that ...(some comment on our society e.g. "I heard that someone from Big Brother was opening a new IKEA store")?; or that I'm running on behalf of the Sack Lyn Jones campaign.

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