Wednesday, April 26, 2006

running (again) 

Someone needs to show me how to warm up the muscles below my knee at the back of my leg.. (someone first needs to tell me what they are called). They hurt when I start running.

Three days, three short runs. I guess it's getting slightly easier, I've run one more 'block' each time I go out. (just drove around last night's route in the car and it said 2.1 miles.. so only have to do that 7 times!)

Had the right tune in my head yesterday, so went at a much better pace. (Overture to Tannhauser) I felt it worked as it was slow and strong.

Not sleeping, I guess it doesn't help that I'm going out after dark to run with all the ugly people, but the lack of sleep doesn't seem to have affected me.

Will get some decent running shoes this weekend.

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