Friday, April 21, 2006

Coast and Castles 

Rhys, J, Matt and me cycled a 200 mile route from Edinburgh to Newcastle over the bank holiday weekend.

Matt has the facts here

Some random stuff I may forget..

The heckles we could make out:

"Bunch of c***s!" (My personal favorite, especially as we got this within 1 minute of leave the house for the train station, before we'd even started the trip)
"Biker crew!"
"Keep peddling"
"Get off your bikes you poofs!"
"Biker mice from Mars"
"Bloody cyclists"
"If I rode my horse like you ride your bikes I'd deserve to be knocked over" (not strictly a heckle as we were stationary at the time and therefore could engage the heckler).

Melrose is on the Wrexham to Perth bus route.

The magic morning mixture of:
1 pint of water into which you mix:
1 Berocca
1 Dioralyte
2 Ibuprofen capsules (for your arse)

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