Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Emergency bus tickets 

One of my New Year's resolutions was to become an established collector of Emergency Bus Tickets. I have acquired two so far:

Emergency bus ticket

These tickets are given out when normal ticket dispensing is temporarily unavailable.

I'm not sure what a better name would be: 'ad hoc bus tickets', 'interim bus tickets' maybe?

I just know that Emergency normally means a fire, or tsunami or something like that.

The 'Emergency' alluded to here is the ticket machine breaking down.

I just worry what happens if there is a bus crash and everyone apart from the driver dies and the bus is about to blow up. Will he be able to convey the gravity of the situation to the emergency services over the radio?

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Friday, January 06, 2006


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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

car crash 

side of car
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Rhys... what have you done to my car??

unfortunately this photo blogging thing is far too easy.

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singing rodent 

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testing blogging from flickr

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Monday, January 02, 2006

next year's stocking-filler book 

Matt and I discussed ideas for books for Xmas (books along the lines of Scotts Almanac, 101 photos of funny dogs, Britain's best cafes, Is it me or is everything shit?).

The easy option would be to go for another angle on the grumpy young men theme and have a go at modern life.

A more tricky option (for me at least) would be to produce a counter to all the modern life is rubbish stuff and come up with a book praising all that's good in the world; the little things that make you smile or help you to remember that life is not all about following the heard into chain-store consumer hell, being as selfish and greedy as possible while getting skrewed by those more selfish and greedy than you in the process. It could be called "not everything is shit - confessions of a committed cynic".
This would be one hell of a challenge for me, but it would also be a very useful exercise. (I'll have to come and edit this when I can think of just one example)

Another idea I had would be a book of modern lore, everyday philosophy from everyday people. The idea would be to collect some insightful observations or interesting theories on 'normal stuff' from friends and family. So far I have collected these nuggets:

On Corned Beef sandwiches
You can taste corned beef and onion, corned beef and HP sauce or corned beef and pickle sandwiches; and you'll never be able to decide which one is the best.

On being a farmer
The best thing about being a farmer is that you can have a pee whenever you want. You can be walking around a field and suddenly think to yourself 'I fancy a pee now', and you can just have one there and then.

On 10-pin bowling

When bowling, try a few throws with back spin. If it comes off then people are impressed, if it doesn't then just tell them you are experimenting.

Some other ideas for books that have been suggested to me:

Ugly couples
Pictures of ugly or fat people holding hands, kissing, choosing beds from IKEA etc.
edit - I knew I'd seen this somewhere before

People and thier arses
Pictures of people, turn over the page and see a picture of thier arse - "Ok, you look like an interesting person... now let's see your arse"

Cute old men
Face it, lots of old men are cute. This could work like the cute babies book you give to babies where the last page is a mirror, so you can give it to your grandad.

Crap ideas for crap Xmas books
Here's an idea, how about a book full of ideas for crap Xmas books. Or just full of useless ideas that you are not going to do anything with, maybe someone else will take them up.

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