Sunday, December 04, 2005

All I want for Xmas 

Assuming I get a house (wait until next week to find out):

* Gaggia Classic espresso machine
* Dualit Toaster
* A kettle (not one of those igloo shaped ones from IKEA)
* Clothes horse
* A Lucky Cat
* A Stuffed Animal
* A wine rack
* A painting or two. I have the one from Moorlands. I'd like to have one commissioned. Maybe one depicting our departed cats (Yowl, Jess, Dog) ruling the roost in animal heaven (being waited on paw and paw by dog slaves etc)
* A plant or two (something for outside that will fit in a walled yard)
* A tin opener
* Welcome mat
* "I am a personal shopping assistant" T-shirt
* A fruit bowl
* Some low energy light bulbs
* Socks
* Couple of second hand high back chairs like these
* Nasal hair trimmer
* Filing cabinet
* Iron. One that turns off automatically after 15 mins - cos I get paranoid about not turning it off, even when I know I have. I even have a little "I'm turning the iron off" song that I can sing when I'm turning the iron off. If I can remember singing the song I can normally accept that the iron is really off.

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