Sunday, November 13, 2005

Get some exercise! 

I feel so much better for getting a bit of real exercise today. I'd been stuck inside working, or travelling all week and was feeling mentally and physically mucky. I feel like I've learned a valuable lesson, unfortunately it's one I've learned a thousand times before.

I've set myself goals before, but don't always achieve them. I'm much more likely to spontaneously do something with little or no planning than pick something big in the future and work towards it. I guess I worry about the passage of time. I feel that by setting dates in the future then watching as they hurtle towards me, I am only compounding the problem. A pizza can look enormous until you slice it up and eat one of the slices - it's then that you have some comprehension of how much is left.

On the other hand it is probably only through having new experiences that one can hope to slow the passage of time. So maybe goals, including the work put in to achieve them and what they may lead to after achieving them, may not be so bad after all.

I'll give it another go then. Maybe listing the goals here will make me more likely to stick to them.

1) The Great North Run (Sept / Oct). Rhian has committed to this. (and Paul too.

2) A cycle ride abroad. I need to better this year's effort. Events and some of my obsessions seem to have pointed me towards the Karakoram Highway, although I don't know if it's possible to fit this into a three week holiday, or what time of year would be suitable. I also wonder where I would find a travelling companion who would be happy spending their summer holiday cycling up a big mountain in a third world country.

I also cleaned the fridge today.

One more thing, it now seems the term 'Social Entrepreneurship' is cropping up all over the place. Just in case this becomes the next big thing, I want to make it clear that I first made reference to this term before it became popular. (just covering myself in case I get accused of following a fashion).

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