Monday, September 12, 2005

too many indians 

Saw the following defacement of a poster at a bus stop in Cardiff. (made my own version too, as I didn't have a photo when I posted this)

What is this graffiti supposed to mean?

Is it a comment on someone's poor diet?

Is it a comment on un-sustainable population growth in the developing world?

Is it a play on 'too many chiefs, not enough indians'?

Is it one of these 'acceptable' racist comments? (we've got nothing against these people, but there has to come a point.. etc - we're not racist, just sayin' like)

Also what is the connection to the model in the poster or to the cosmetics industry? Probably there is no link, someone wanted to say something to say and the poster content was irrelevant.

More lore from the street

Walked around London quite a bit this weekend and saw many Aberdeen Angus Steak houses and quite a few homeless. One scruffy west indian man, presumed destitute and homeless, hobbling around the outside of a train station on cruches (one of his legs being cut off below the knee) sports a black T-shirt with the bold logo "I'm Lovin' it".

A woman standing in the middle of a pavement with microphone and amplifier , preaching with specific attention to the equality of races when considering vulnerability to sin. "White people are drug users, white people are alcoholics, why do they drink? why do they take drugs? God created them, and God can save them.....". I'm walking past and trying to think of something witty to say should I feel the need to grab the microphone. A man walks up to her, calmly puts his hand on her shoulder, holds the microphone and moves it towards his mouth. In a Liverpudlian accent, "excuse me love, is there a KFC 'round here?"

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