Sunday, August 21, 2005

live sports and live gigs 

Things I'm looking forward to. I am a lucky guy.
I am confusing myself slightly and needed to write this down. Here's my itinerary up to the end of the year:

Sat 13th Aug - QPR v Shefield United (London)
Fri 26th Aug - Ospreys v Wasps (Swansea)
Sat 3rd Sept - Wasps v Saracens & Leeds v London Irish (Twikenham) - provisional

Sun 11th Sept - England v Australia (Oval)
Sun 18th Sept - Borders v Ospreys (Galashiels)
Wed 21st Sept -
JSBX (London)
Sat 1st Oct - Gloucester v Ospreys (Gloucester)
Mon 21st Nov - Bob Dylan (London)
Sun 11th Dec - Leiceter v Ospreys (Leiceter)

Plus plenty of Ospreys home games with my season ticket.

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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Mobile phone 

I lost my mobile phone on the last day of the trip, and Orange are refusing to replace it under the insurance. As a result I have no mobile phone, and when I do get around to getting a new one I won't have the same phone number.
So I won't be replying to text messages or phone calls.
Anyone want to talk to me, send me an email and I'll Skype you back.

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Cycle trip - done 

I'm back from my 17 day, 1100 mile cycle ride from John O' Groats.
Arriving in Cardiff 11pm in the wet and dark on Thursday night - I was greeted by, "Hi, have you cycled far?"
I started putting some information and photos here. Check back in a few days and hopefully I'll be finished.

I'm a bit off cycle touring for the time being, but I figure a decent long term goal should be to complete the North Sea Cycle route - in sections. I've can already tick off some of the route in Orkney and the section from John O' Groats to Inverness.

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