Friday, July 15, 2005

harry potter 

I did toy with the idea walking to Woolies at midnight tonight to buy HP5. Haven't read any of them, but figured I could stay up all night and read the book, therefore finishing it before most, if not all the Harry Potter devotees. I would take quite some pleasure from that; being one of the first people to read a book that I'm not in the least bit interested in reading, while others are delirious with their marketing-hype induced obsession.

Raining on someone else's parade (when I don't respect the parade), is one of the few pleasures I have left.

My sister fell in love with smoked salmon when it was considered a luxury, but still clings to the magic of pink gold even when it comes from the Happy Shopper 'Giro day' range and is sourced from a salmon that has been 'farmed' in a colostomy bag and has been genetically spliced with a carcinogenic human lung give it its 'smoked' flavour. If someone were to mix a decent malt whiskey with Pepsi Max, then I'd get rather annoyed. Similarly, my sister will get annoyed with anyone eating the salmon who she doesn't feel is appreciating it on the same level as her. I clearly take great pleasure in eating smoked salmon in front of her and displaying as much appreciation as I would when eating a thin slice of Spam.

When the lottery started there was an obsession surrounding scratch cards. I once bought a couple and set fire to them without scratching and revealing the inevitable disappointment. My audience were horrified (and so was I for a while).

Unfortunately the local Wollies was not opening at midnight. One of the newsagents had the book in a window display - I was hoping someone would break in and get caught so I could see who could bring strongest prosecution, the police for breaking and entering, or the publisher for obtaining the book before the strictly enforced launch.

If anyone has tickets to the final Big Brother night then I'm interested. The only think I know about it is that one of the contestants is a woman with an afro.

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