Saturday, July 16, 2005

Cycle trip 

I'm not sure of the exact start date of my next job, so I thought it better to do something constructive rather than kick my heals around in Cardiff. I also wish to escape:

I'm taking a trip on a bike from John O Groats back towards Cardiff. Not sure how far I'll get before I either get tired, bored, or am needed to start the job. I have a return train ticket to Inverness though, so theoretically can duck out at any time.

I'm not sure of the route I'll take yet, but plan to follow the Sustrans routes as far as possible. That should take me from John O Groats along the North coast, then down to Inverness; along Loch Ness to Fort William; then somehow onto Glasgow. If I have time then I'd like to ride into North Wales and take the Sustrans route 8: Lon Las Cymru (North and South) to get back to Cardiff.
I plan to stay in hostels where possible and B&Bs where not. Unfortunately this hostel seems to be booked up for the night I would need it.

Here are some links to information about people's trips from Land's End to JOG (most people seem to ride the route in this direction).

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