Friday, April 01, 2005

You're one dissenting voice in a billion Jonny French! 

when did you last get up at 4 in the morning for something you believed in passionately?

Typicaly how I react to criticism

This is maybe one of the best adverts ever - now that Vic Reeves has been sacked from being the voice of the Churchill dog.

In the days before the internet, people would ask 'have you seen it yet?' and you'd be screemed towards the tv when it started. I once sat through a three and a half hour 'Going For Gold Bloopers' programme - three hours of clips of Henry Kelly mispronouncing the name Cockburn, and half an hour of clips when his head kept falling off - just incase this advert was played during a commercial break.

I always said I'd watch it before any trip I made to France.

This page has a link where you can download the advert

Some more great adverts

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