Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Flag burning 

Of late my greatest achievment, leading to possibly the greatest satisfaction I've felt in recent memory; comes from populating a clothes-horse to it's absolute limit. No hanging area left free, every item of damp clothing given maximum airation (taking account of it's size, shape and absorbency, and prioritising based upon need to be hung uncrumpled and the relative duration until it would next need to be worn). Upon seeing the pile of washed clothes and the clothes-horse, most would say it could not be done. Yet I managed it and it felt amazing.

Faced with a picture like this (in it's context), my feeble desire to symbolically burn a flag in the next 6 months seems rather shallow and pointless (although technicaly this is just a effigy of a flag).

Racheal Corrie died two years ago this week, and I guess is one of my heros. Here is some information and her last emails.

Faced with something like this, I've scrapped the flag burning off my list and replaced it with:
"Hang more wet clothes on one clothes-horse than should physically be possible, and get someone else to apprechiate just what you've archived... then set fire to them (the clothes that is, not the someone)"


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