Thursday, October 07, 2004

Question Time 

I always thought Question Time was broadcast live (was that just me?) Seems it isn't so. They were playing a clip of 'Minister for Vaginas' Patricia Hewitt on the radio news over an hour before the 2235 broadcast time.

Question Time is usually pre-recorded and then edited. Occasionally it is broadcast live - I remember the programme on 13/9/2001 (two days after) was one of the live ones. I think that was a moment that showed that the people of Britain were not fully supportive of Bush and Blair's 'declaration of war'.

On a related note, I recall when my Grandfather asked a question on Radio 4's Any Questions. It was along the lines of 'should classical musicians dress casually?' (asked when Nigel Kennedy was in the news). When the chair asked the questioner his views, my Grandfather answered: 'well when i go to my dentist, i don't expect to see him dressed as a clown'.
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