Friday, July 02, 2004

Wikipedia game 

Thanks to Matt for this one.

Wikipedia is a freely editable online encyclopedia. It's articles are normally peppered with cross references to other articles and thanks to the web it only takes a click to get you there. This kind of free clicking can be fun, it's interesting to see just where you can get to from an article on "Larry King".

The game is pretty simple, pick two seemingly unrelated topics (or two obscurely related topics) and see who can get from one topic to the other in the least number of links.

As an example of the obscurely related variety, Matt's friend is from Burnley and has family from Egypt. You'd think he is possibly the only link between Burnley and Egypt? Strangely, the record is 3 links:

Burnley -> Textile -> Silk -> Egyptian (Egyptian links automaticaly to Egypt so it's allowed)

You can also try playing it the other way around (ie from Eygpt to Burnley)

Possibility for hours of fun.

Try getting from Blue to Amnesty International

Hmm - what a fun game - I have quite a few 4 links for Blue -> Amnesty International. I'll keep trying!
Four is as good as I can do.

Blue -> Laws ("blue laws") -> Human rights law -> Human rights -> Amnesty International
I got 3 :-)

blue -> Peoples Republic of_China -> Politics of the People's Republic of China -> Amnesty International
Blue -> Andy Williams -> 1961 -> Amnesty International
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