Tuesday, November 11, 2003

While I was away:

Tory party replaced a leader who's main quality was uselessness with someone who has politics to the right of Genghis Khan (or should I say with the politics of David Blunkett) and the personal appeal of Robin Cook. Well done guys, start preparing for government.

No person on the street can answer a political question without talking about 'asylum seekers' and blaming them for all our ills. Well done Mr Blair, for putting enough crap out there to emulate the same environment that gave rise to Nazi Germany.

Shock horror, Wales can play rugby!! People seem to want to give Steve Hanson much credit for this. Give me a break!! I'll give him credit for getting people fit and organised in defence. However, I have difficulty believing that it was always his big plan to suddenly play his third choice team (three players who haden't even come on as subs for games against mickey mouse countries), tell them to defend like dogs, and forget about the straight-jacket structure he'd had them playing to since he started and to play some rugby instead. The guy just lucked out. Also, If Shane Williams could cause such mayhem against the defence of the two best teams in the world, imagine what Gavin Henson could have done - and he left him at home!! Lets keep the conditioning coach, the guy who managed to get all the Ozi sports heros in to fire up the guys (I hear he even tried to get Bush in to talk to them, if that isn't going to get you fired up I don't know what is!!), and get in the cripple from Llanelli in. Hanson can go back to his daughters in New Zealand.

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