Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Having an excellent birthday week so far:

- Went to Barcelona for a long weekend.
- School on Tuesday (birthday) where I heard a marvelous chicken impression (and a not so marvelous elephant impression).
- Had birthday breakfast on my own in Tesco cafe: coffee, cheese and onion toastie, read the newspaper.
- Excellent meal with parents in evening, Beth, Matt.. lots of fish.
- Out for a few (quite a few) drinks in Swansea in the few places that opened late.
- Birthday cake for breakfast.
- Missed first appointment with personal trainer.
- Driving range followed by pitch and putt with Matt.
- Lunch: Faggots + chips + garden peas (had a choice of garden or mushy) + gravy from Roma 2000 in Gorseinon (excellent)
- Borders book store (only spent £135 on cds and books)
- Coffee in Starbucks.
- Saw Salesi Finau (in the book store).

Plan to finish celebrations this evening by treating myself to a eating a curry from Sainsburys, drinking a bottle of wine, listening to my new CDs, and creating some worksheets for my mum.

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