Monday, July 07, 2003

Back in Cardiff b.t.w. Left Jo-burg 11pm on Sat and got back here Sunday afternoon. Spent the last day in South Africa shopping for gifts. Visited an art / craft market about 50km away from Jo-burg and bought many small animals made of wood, stone etc. Threw them into my case on top of all the clothes, as a result most are now missing legs, horns, trunks or ears. Did a small amount of haggling for the goods I purchased, but lack of research and impatience to finish any shopping experience as soon as possible meant that I was an embarrassment to the discipline of battering. You know you've just been ripped off when the exchange between you and the seller ends with the seller saying 'Thank you so much sir, you have just made my day'. I got that a couple of times.

At the end of the day I didn't pay any more for the stuff I bought than I would have if I had bought the same from a posh 'African culture' shop in the airport, and at least the money was going to the right people.

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