Monday, June 23, 2003

There’s someone at every traffic light in Johannesburg (and there are allot of traffic lights) either selling something (usually newspapers) or begging. A popular technique amongst the beggars is to carry a half full black rubbish bag around with them, claiming this is full of rubbish they cleared off the intersection. Saw one guy yesterday who was wearing a jacket advertising ‘Jokes for change’, unfortunately the lights had changed before I had a chance to make use of this very useful roadside service. Clearly not a job for those poor unfortunate individuals (like myself) who suffer from jokelexia (the inability to remember good jokes, although you know that you know some – a very cruel infliction, would be far more bearable if you simply forgot that you knew any good jokes in the first place). I often give some coins to a kid who is begging (with a black sack) at the traffic lights next to the gym. Yesterday I ended up giving him my jumper instead, as the poor guy was freezing in only his T-shirt. He was chuffed to bits.

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