Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Not enjoying Johannesburg. Is pretty much a suburban sprawl with no redeeming features. You are unlikely to see any photos from my visit here as a) I've seen nothing worth taking a picture of. b) Looking like a tourist can attract unwanted attention, so I'm not really able to carry a camera around with me.
Food etc is very cheap. Good chicken and steak. Great wine. Good roads. Friendly people. TV is great if you like sport, but dire if you don't. Many poor people, which can be rather upsetting. Joined a gym, but have only been twice. Wanted to swim, but the pool is in the centre of the room.. with all the machines facing towards it. I guess you're unlikely to drown.. with all those sweaty potential life guards watching you. Went to Ellis park on Saturday to watch the rugby (South Africa, Scotland), is a rather old stadium. Not such a good game but I enjoyed the atmosphere, the singing of the SA national anthem bought a tear to my eye - the first couple of verses (Zulu and whatever the local language is here) are pretty much mumbled through.. then Afrikaans and English ones blasted out. Munched on Biltong (dried, spiced beef) and drank Castle lager.

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