Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Had gut-rot yesterday, also wasn’t feeling too good, so I went home early. There seem to be quite a few illnesses around the office so maybe I picked up something. Feeling loads better today though. Had to stop watching big brother Africa, as they seem to have embarked upon some sort of joint venture with big brother UK. I figured I would be in breach of my non-exposure bet should I watch any. Instead I watched the discovery channel for a while. Where would the discovery channel be if it wasn’t for the second world war? Watched a program on Stalingrad, then one on ‘mega predators’. Tried to watch CNN but it’s pretty much un-watchable, why do Iraqi protesters “get themselves shot by American forces” rather than “American forces shooting Iraqi protesters” ? A subtle way of apportioning the blame upon the protesters.

Finished reading Richard Branson biography. Thought it may inspire me (to grow a beard).

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