Sunday, April 06, 2003

Met some lovely (white) Zimbabweans in the hotel bar after one of the rugby games. The war was on TV and soon in conversation. They seemed rather upset that the gift of 'liberation' by slaughter couldn't be bestowed upon their country. Presumably they could all afford take a few months holiday abroad and return when the yanks had reinstated Ian Smith. I suggested they forge some geological surveys showing large oil reserves under their farms and post them off to Donald Rumsfeld.
Some of their comments on the Iraq conflict included: "they should just get every white guy out of the middle east and nuke the place". "one thousand of those Arabs is not worth one of your British troops". "You have to stop these people, you won't believe what they are doing now! They are coming to Africa and building mosques!!!"
To be fair, a couple of them were capable of constructing a valid argument.

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