Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Looks like we were justified in going to war after all to protect ourselves from such a dangerous and imminent national security threat as the mighty Iraq. Such an awesome power could not be allowed to carry on with it's own plans for world domination; a pre-emptive strike by our brave troops was the only chance we had to save ourselves. Left unchecked we would have all been wearing burcas and would only be allowed to leave the country through Sadamn Heathrow airport.
I shuddered when they launched the devastating long range missiles (the ones they hadn't been ordered to destroy) straight into the Gulf. I was terrified when when I thought they may try and attack one of the American bombers by un-leashing the one MIG they had in their airforce. Even without the Iraqi fighter jets I was astounded with just how effective our air force could be in the face of the advanced air-defense system they had to contend with. I just didn't think that twelve-year's of continuous bombing of air-defenses and communication infrastructure would be sufficient to make the skies safe.
I missed the great naval battle that took place, but I'm sure the Iraqi navy lived up to it's promise and went down taking a few US aircraft carriers with it. I was horrified when I was told by American Sec State Defense that Syria was equipping the Iraqi army with night vision goggles. I prayed that this accusation was untrue, or my worst fears would be realised, with some Iraqis being able to see in the dark!!! How could the forces of good triumph against such odds? And those deadly chemicals unleashed upon our warriors!! Sarin, Mustard Gas, Anthrax, SARS. I thought it would never end. Then we entered Baghdad and our columns of tanks and armor were brought to the edge of defeat by those kids and old men with machine guns. I thought of Star Wars and of Luke destroying the great death-star with a single shot. What if the designer of the tank had overlooked a similar weak point and the enemy was able to fire the machine gun in such a way as to blow up the tank!!!

This was why we went to was wasn't it? To protect ourselves from Iraq.

That was a great argument people were using comparing Iraq to 1930's Nazi Germany. To be fair, it would be an interesting contest to see the industrial super-power of 70 years ago pitted against Iraq after 12 years of sanctions, inspections and bombing. I guess my money would be on the Nazis though.

Who poses such a threat to world peace and security as to justify the next pre-emptive attack? Probably not North Korea – I think they have an airforce, and some missiles, and a large army (probably with night vision goggles).

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