Tuesday, April 08, 2003

For those who believe there is a humanitarian motivation behind those persecuting this war, I would invite you to consider the humanitarian difference that could have been made should we have directed the same resources and enthusiasm we had for waging war against Iraq into something like: this or this. Face it, nobody in power in the West gives a f**k about Africans or Iraqis, and should you support this war on a humanitarian basis you are just giving legitimacy to their dirty, bullying crusades for power, influence and oil.

I am no better, I'm selfish as the masses - it's a prominent human trait, broken perhaps by some strong religious conviction. I care not enough for my fellow human beings to inconvenience myself to help them. How many of those weeping for some anonymous victims of the Iraqi regime will ignore homeless on the streets of their own town? What I really object to is the endless self-serving spin that tells me what I should care about, and what are the true atrocities in this world, and who are the true embodiments of evil. Why should anyone back sending young men and women off to slaughter other young men against the wishes of the world and the international institutions that have offered us some hope for peace over the last fifty years? Just because someone tells you that you should suddenly care for these people, the same someone that starved you of news of the same atrocious acts in the past because it served their interests to do so.

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