Friday, April 04, 2003

Dylan and I in our masks. We only actually wore them on the plane on the way home. They looked good with matching eye covers and headphones.

The best way to avoid contracting any nasty disease according to a poster at the rugby stadium was to:
Be fit and healthy
Avoid alcohol and smoking
Eat a balanced diet
Get sufficient sleep

This fitted in well with our:
rather bizarre sleeping patterns (8pm one night, 6am the next)
many jugs of Heineken, Pimms, vodka/redbull, wine
skipping food altogether for a whole day
lunch from KFC the next day which was certainly the most disgustingly greasy inedible food I’d ever purchased (I still feel sick thinking about it)

We also attempted to reduce the chance of infection by visiting very crowded bars of partying revelers who would sing, dance and scream at the top of their voices; no doubt covering dozens of their fellow partygoers with deadly phlegm.

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