Monday, February 03, 2003

Someone is testing me. First checking in at Bangkok airport where they wanted 200 pounds to upgrade to business class. I had to consider it for a while as I was facing the prospect of a 12 hour flight. I made the right decision as I lucked out with an entire row of economy class seats to myself. My next trial was arriving at Amsterdam at 6am and having the prospect of a 7 hour wait until the Cardiff flight I was booked on. They wanted $100 to put me on an earlier flight (8-30am). I'd justified this one to myself. Was told to go to the ticket office to arrange it. I did, and was barked at by the lady there as my luggage was already in transit and how dare the representative at the transfer desk tell me they could arrange the transfer of my luggage. She couldn't possibly do it for security reasons, but she'd phone up and check just in case. I'd lost my nerve by then and told her to leave it.
Not having access to my luggage means that I'm confined to the airport as I'm not dressed for this climate. Have wandered between many electronic shops in the airport trying to justify spending alot of money on this camcorder I want. I'm very tired and my ear is still full of water after swimming yesterday, so I'm only half in tune with reality.

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