Sunday, February 16, 2003

Crazy. Alert status = high (orange alert) over here. (a logo indicating the current alert status is shown at the bottom left of some TV channels). People are panic buying duct (gaffer) tape and plastic sheeting, allowing them to seal off a room in their house and protect themselves in case of a nuclear attack. FBI in New York are looking for 'recently-shaven' men. News channels are relentless; right-wing hosts chair debates between right-wing republican senators and right-wing democratic senators. They discuss liberating ‘Eye-rack’ and the possibility of sanctions against the ‘Saddam-loving’, ‘self-serving, ’‘ungrateful’ (remember D-day) French berating them for having the audacity to disagree with one aspect of American foreign policy. Occasionally they’ll wheel in a novelty guest called a ‘liberal’ that they’ll tease and sneer at, and never tire of reminding the views and the guest that they are wacky enough to bring a ‘crazy liberal’ into the studio.

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