Sunday, November 03, 2002

There exists a permanent and relentless background noise in Shanghai. It’s the noise of sixteen million people ‘getting on with it’. After an hour’s walking through the instruments of such noise which frequently re-offend as the producers of the grime, dust and fumes that soil your skin and clothes, the oasis of calm which was the incense dusted Buddhist temple we finally arrived at was very much appreciated. I was tired before we started the walk and tired, dirty and hassled by the time we arrived. After paying the 10 yuan entrance fee I sat on a wall inside the compound, next to the temple and closed my eyes for a while. The highlight of the temple are two Jade Buddhas which are pretty impressive in size (over two meters tall) along with various other brass and wooden Buddahs (all in all a good Buddha selection). Some chanting and drum beating monks complete the picture. PICS: A, B, C, D, E. LINKS: a.

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