Sunday, November 03, 2002

One of the guys here is becoming a deft hand at ‘blind ordering’ in places that have no English menu and no English speakers. We devised a scoring system for the resulting spread of dishes based on such criteria as:
a) variety
b) novelty value (loose one point for every dish containing Bok Choi*)
c) level of chopstick technicality required
d) absence of dog
e) persistence in ordering items that bring a frown, giggles or worried glances to be exchanged between waitresses (double points awarded for having the guts to upgrade the order to include double portion of the item provoking such a response).

*a vegetable, probably a member of the cabbage family. Is used in pretty much every dish served here esp. soup and noodles. It even seems to have sneaked into the "seasonal vegetable" slot (a euphemism for a dish of delicious steamed broccoli when I arrived). I'm thoroughly sick of the stuff, it certainly won't be taking my vote for Auxiliary Xmas dinner vegatable this year (think I'll stick to swede).

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