Sunday, November 03, 2002

Had a Shanghai clubbing experience yesterday. One of the guys I was with went over to ask one of the local girls to dance. Chivalrous man that I am, I quickly followed to save her recently stranded friend. I’ve never exactly felt comfortable in my disco - dancing ability, never believing that suffering me un-co-ordinately twitch and finger-click would form a basis for a long-term relationship. Add to this the fact that the instigator of this whole exercise had already left the dance floor, and I was left praying for the break in the song which would allow me make a timely and polite exit back to the safety of my table. Of course, the music was provided by a DJ who insisted in seamlessly mixing one song into the next, refusing to give me the clean break I was desperately waiting for. Eventually I got what I wanted and I thanked the girl (who was kind’a sweet) and said goodbye. Asking the guy why his liaison was so brief, he tells me that his partner had been more than happy to continue dancing with him but “only if you pay”. I avoided the girl I’d danced with for the rest of the night for fear of being presented with an invoice.

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