Tuesday, October 15, 2002

Some of the habits and customs I could get used to:

Sleeping on the job: I'd love to introduce this practice into our working culture. Wherever you go working people are fast asleep at their posts. In the office it's common to find one or two people at any one time with their arms folded on desk and supporting their lifeless head. Shopkeepers, stationary taxi drivers, you’ll see many examples while walking along the street. I once walked past a restaurant window to see a table of six employees all napping in this way. It’s a nice idea that whenever you think to yourself during the day, “I could just do with a little nap now”, you can just go ahead and have one. I'd take some pictures, but I'm always scared they'll wake up.

Spitting anywhere and everywhere: ... rather the extremely loud and unnearving "phlegm-ing up" that precedes the ejection. You'll hear such a duo of sounds every minute or so while walking down a busy street. Ok, it's pretty disgusting, and I myself have never been able to follow through with the whole act (I struggle to preserve moisture as it is). I have found it extremely satisfying though to at least pretend to spit in response to an action from another human being. Say someone pushes past you in the street, or a colleague of yours says something to annoy you; where you may otherwise have cursed them under your breath, it's now possible to make one of the most loud and disgusting noise your body can voluntarily produce, and have them none the wiser to your intended meaning. It's also rather humorous, and can therefore serve to defuse some tension from the situation.

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