Tuesday, October 01, 2002

[Sat 27th]
left the hotel at 8. Got to the airport before 10, was too early really as it was only a local flight. After we boarded we were told there was fog in San Francisco, and we'd be in the air one hour late. This was a bit worrying as we only had 40 mins to make the connection to start with... were told to stay on the plane though as they would hold the next flight. It didn't happen. Stayed in San Francisco overnight to catch the same flight the next day.
Ran in to a large push bike demo in SF, 5000 people on bikes protesting at motor use by blocking off the centre of downtown. Quite amusing to see the car drivers getting annoyed.
Was wearing my traveling clothes (Welsh Rugby shirt), as they wouldn't let us have out suitcases back from the airport, and was spotted by a group of four from Alltwen - had drunk a bit too much to make much sense when talking to them... they didn't believe I was Welsh from my accent.

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