Tuesday, October 22, 2002

Japanese food last night in one of those Sushi bars with the revolving conveyer belt. Enjoyed the sushi and the raw fish and octopus we ordered (although the octopus was very chewy).
For some reason someone ordered an ice-cream for my desert, blatantly disobeying my rule against ordering out of place items from specialist restaurants. For the same reason that you have no right to be disappointed with the steak and chips you ordered from the back of the menu in a harbor-side seafood restaurant, or the espresso and cognac you ordered from the local curry house, you should not expect exotic Italian style ice cream from a Japanese sushi bar. My rule still stands. The small cardboard tub I was presented with contained a grey ice-cream like substance which I was talked into tasting after being told it tasted of cherries. It didn’t taste of anything really, certainly not cherries, maybe frozen tap water with sugar if I was forced to pin it down. I would have been happier with frozen swede.

While I’m on the subject of food, you may be interested to know that we’re having quite some success with Chinese fast-food style places. It’s very cheap and you get rice or noodles, some soup, some meat and a brown hard boiled egg included in the meal. In the place we use for lunch they even know to cut up the saucer sized chicken breast into small strips (after being tipped off by a customer who was fed up watching us struggle to eat with chopsticks on our first visit).

On a slightly different note, I'd like to (finally) welcome my father to the internet. He did something very brave and quite amazing a few weeks ago when he went out and bought himself a computer. Here's to teaching old dogs new tricks. Nice one dad.
Finaly the boy starts his new job in Bournemouth this week so best of luck for that. Hope they don't keep you too long down there else the cats will forget you.

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