Friday, October 18, 2002

It rained today for pretty much the first time since I arrived. Seems that Taxis become very scarce when it rains.. had to walk home from the office. Couple of people offered to sell me their umbrellas on the way. Lost the other guys as I refused to stand at the side of the road and wait for an empty taxi any longer (I gave it about 10 minutes), was only a 20 mins walk but I got pretty wet. Am missing English language programming on the TV. CCTV international (China Central TV’s international news program) is on for a few hours in the evening. Now all I can find is ‘Star Sports’ which is showing some third rate motor racing. There are rumors of CNN and ESPN coming to this building by the end of the month.. I await with baited remote. My class were pretty much left to their own devices today. I presented the one remaining slide in the morning and that lasted an hour. After that I left them to get on with practicing what I’d talked about yesterday. I start again with the presentations on Monday. Took advantage of the culture and had a couple of ‘naps’ this afternoon, didn’t drop off but was nice to close my eyes. Glad to see that Martians are being considered for the Welsh team.

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