Thursday, September 26, 2002

Last day in the office. Leaving tomorrow, flight is at noon. Will pick PG up about 9am which means I'll have to leave the hotel about 8. Went to the driving range at lunch time with RS, hit at least 10 balls over the fence onto the 1st fairway. All in all did quite well with his iron clubs, he spotted my short arm problem. Johnny, the car washing guy recognised me and came up to say hello. He still remembers my name despite me only telling him once, and him not having seen me for 8 months. Got a sandwich from the van that sets up shop in the car park and the woman who wears her trousers just underneath her arm pits. Should be playing football (soccer) after work although am a bit worried as most people are carrying injuries from earlier games. Hope to get some temp business cards and some postcards this evening. Got my passport back with Chinese Visa - can stay for up to 60 days.

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