Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Managed (with a little help from an old friend) to get tickets to the Wales vs New Zealand Rugby World Cup game in Sydney in November.

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Las vegas pics, thanks to Steve for the webspace:
[beth] [Paris] [uninterested] [an arc] [a fountain] [a happy gym member] [a hondula] [a parking lot] [a proposal] [a flash flood in the desert] [the strip] [and again] [sitting] [new york] [a lion] [hydro power] [hover dam] [again] [again] [again] [again] [world's tallest thermometer]

Must remember the guys from Iowa(?) we met in the Beach for a game of pool. The walk through the lorry park and the scaling of the 10 foot wall at the other end. The 'let me work my magic', 'How do you get to the place which is just opposite here?'

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Tuesday, August 12, 2003

For how much longer will you be able to call this country a secular state? Drove down to the baseball game on Saturday behind a plumber's van - company was called something lame like 'Plumb King'. Tag line on the van was 'Serving San Diego and Jesus Christ'.

'Sorry Jesus, I don't understand. I've checked the mains and the water supply there is fine, I can't explain why you are getting wine coming out of your shower head'

At the baseball game, after standard flag waving and military pageantry we were asked to stand and remove our hats for the national anthem (sung by Reverend so and so accompanied on the podium by an exaggerated sign-language translation).

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Monday, August 04, 2003

Cousin's wedding. Rhi and Matt walking into church. Kim and Rob. Rhi, Grandad, mother worrying and father struggling with his tie. Kim and Grandad outside church. Beverly sisters. Photos in Arthur's garden. Matt and Rhi. Watching bubbles. Lisa and the boy. Beth and I. Big photo. Me and Grandfather. Beth and Rhi. Gran and I

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